part of speech: noun

definition 1: the color of grass or of young, growing leaves; the color between yellow and blue on the color spectrum.

definition 2: an area with plenty of grass.

  • We had a picnic on the green.

synonyms: lawn

definition 3: (plural) leaves of lettuce or other plants; vegetables.

  • She loves to eat turnip greens but not turnips.


part of speech: adjective

inflections: greener, greenest

definition 1: having the color green.

  • She caught a green frog.

definition 2: full of or covered with living plants, trees, or grass.

  • The hills are green at this time of year.

definition 3: not completely grown; not ripe.

  • Eating green bananas can give you an upset stomach.

antonyms: ripe

definition 4: without experience; in need of training.

  • William was very green when he began his job, but now he has experience.

synonyms: immature, raw

antonyms: experienced

definition 5: sick looking; pale.

  • You looked a little green after eating that big meal.

synonyms: sickly

derivations: greenish (adj.), greenly (n.), greenness (n.)