part of speech: adjective

inflections: greater, greatest

definition 1: very large in size or number.

  • A great crowd came to see the parade.

synonyms: enormous, huge, immense, tremendous, vast

antonyms: little, modest, slim

definition 2: unusual in degree or amount.

  • He showed great courage in saving the drowning child.

synonyms:  exceptional, extraordinary, extreme, intense

antonyms: moderate

definition 3: very important or distinguished; major.

  • Shakespeare was a great writer who lived hundreds of years ago.

synonyms: distinguished, eminent, first-rate, major, prominent

antonyms: poor

definition 4: (informal) very good.

  • This is great ice cream.

synonyms: cool, excellent, exceptional, fabulous, fantastic, first-rate, outstanding, splendid, super, superb, superior, swell, terrific, tremendous, wonderful

antonyms: sorry


part of speech: adverb

inflections: greater, greatest

definition: (informal) very well.

  • He is doing great at work.

synonyms: excellently


part of speech: noun

definition: a person famous for excellence in a particular field; star.

  • She is one of soccer’s greats.

synonyms: star

derivation: greatness (n.)