part of speech: noun

definition 1: a level, degree, or rank in a scale.

  • These are the top grade of eggs.

synonyms: level, notch, position, quality, rank, standing, status

definition 2: a division made by age to group school children for instruction, or the children who belong to such a division.

  • Chris is in second grade.
  • The sixth grade went to the museum yesterday.

definition 3: a number or letter given on schoolwork to show quality or correctness.

  • What grade did you get on your book report?

synonyms: mark, score

definition 4: the slope of a road or railroad.

  • The locomotive chugged up the steep grade.


part of speech: verb

inflections: grades, grading, graded

definition 1: to give a grade to; evaluate.

  • The teacher graded the papers.

synonyms: evaluate, mark

definition 2: to organize or sort by steps or degrees; classify.

  • Beef is graded by the amount of fat it contains.

synonyms: class, classify, group, rank, rate, sort, type

definition 3: to make level or even.

  • The crew graded the road.

synonyms: even, level, smooth

Word History

The word grade comes from a Latin word that means “a step” or “a degree.”