part of speech: adjective

inflections: better, best

definition 1: having qualities that are desired.

  • That was a good movie.
  • She makes good soup.

synonyms: beneficial, desirable

antonyms: bad, ill

definition 2: doing what is right.

  • A good person helps others.

synonyms: moral, upright

antonyms: bad, monstrous, wicked

definition 3: better than the average.

  • He always got good grades.

synonyms: decent, fine

antonyms: inadequate, poor, shabby

definition 4: pleasant.

  • We had a good time at the park.

synonyms: agreeable, enjoyable, nice, pleasant

antonyms: disagreeable, rotten, unpleasant

definition 5: sound; in good condition; able to be relied on.

  • She was in good health.
  • He gave us good advice.

synonyms: dependable, reliable

antonyms: bad, poor

definition 6: behaving in the proper way.

  • Spot is a good dog.

synonyms: obedient, well-behaved

antonyms: bad, mischievous

definition 7: kind.

  • He has a good heart.

synonyms: decent, kind, kindly

antonyms: bad, ill

definition 8: well; healthy.

  • I always feel good after swimming.


part of speech: noun

definition 1: that which is good.

  • You have to take the good with the bad.

synonyms: asset, plus, positive, right

antonyms: evil, harm

definition 2: benefit; advantage.

  • The new laws were for the good of all the people.

synonyms: benefit, interest, sake, success, welfare, well-being

antonyms: harm

definition 3: kindness; virtue.

  • She has a lot of good in her heart.

synonyms: virtue

antonyms: evil


phrase: for good

good or well?

Good is an adjective. Well is the adverb form of good.
He is a good baseball player.
He hits the ball well.