part of speech: verb

inflections: goes, going, went, gone

definition 1: to move; travel.

  • I go to school by bus.
  • We went to the beach on Saturday.

synonyms: advance, move, pass, travel

antonyms: halt, stop

definition 2: to move away from a place; leave.

  • We will miss her when she goes.

synonyms: depart

antonyms: come, stay

definition 3: to reach from one point to another.

  • The driveway goes from the house to the road.

synonyms: reach, stretch

definition 4: to be moving or working properly.

  • My electric train will not go.

synonyms: function, operate, run, work

definition 5: to pass.

  • How fast the days go!

synonyms: elapse, pass

definition 6: to belong with something else.

  • This blouse goes with that skirt.

synonyms: match

antonyms: clash

definition 7: to be used up.

  • Money goes fast.

definition 8: to make a certain sound.

  • “Vroom! Vroom!” went the engine.

definition 9: to belong in a certain place or position.

  • These forks go in that drawer over there.

definition 10: to fit; be allowed to have enough space.

  • All those clothes won’t go in that small bag.

definition 11: to become.

  • The milk has gone sour.

synonyms: become, get, grow

definition 12: to come to be in a certain state; become.

  • The whole class went quiet.

synonyms: become

definition 13: (informal) to say.

  • I go, “Why?” and he goes, “Because.”

synonyms: say

phrase: go back on