part of speech: verb

inflections: gets, getting, got, gotten

definition 1: to receive; come to have; gain; acquire.

  • I got a new bicycle for my birthday.

synonyms: achieve, acquire, attain, gain, obtain, receive, secure

definition 2: to go after and bring back; fetch.

  • Go back in the house and get your coat.

synonyms: fetch, retrieve

definition 3: to come under the power of; catch.

  • She is getting a cold.

synonyms: catch, contract

definition 4: to cause to be in a certain state or to do a particular thing.

  • Can you help me get this jar open?
  • Dave finally got his suitcase packed.
  • My dad is trying to get the lawn mower to start.

synonyms: prompt

definition 5: to begin the doing of something; start.

  • We’ll need to get going soon or we’ll be late for the bus.

synonyms: begin, start

definition 6: to have the opportunity or chance to do something.

  • Why does Sam always get to stay up late and I have to go to bed?

definition 7: to understand.

  • Do you get the meaning of the story?

synonyms: comprehend, follow, grasp, perceive, realize, see, sense, understand

antonyms: miss

definition 8: to convince; persuade.

  • Can’t you get him to come with us?

synonyms: persuade

definition 9: to arrive.

  • You will get home one way or another.

synonyms: arrive, come, show up

definition 10: to become.

  • She is getting mad.

synonyms: become, grow

phrase: get in

phrase: get out

phrase: get up

phrase: get over

phrase: get across

phrase: get along

phrase: get away with