part of speech: adjective

inflections: fresher, freshest

definition 1: newly made, gotten, or experienced.

  • They enjoyed a fresh cup of tea.
  • Please put on a fresh T-shirt.

synonyms: brand-new, new

antonyms: set, stale

definition 2: still good to eat or drink; not spoiled.

  • The milk is not fresh.

synonyms: sweet

antonyms: bad, off, rotten, sour, stale

definition 3: not preserved by freezing or canning.

  • We like fresh fish.

definition 4: feeling new and alive.

  • Ezra came to work feeling fresh again after his vacation.

synonyms: refreshed, revived

antonyms: tired, weary

definition 5: not salty.

  • We drank fresh water from the mountain stream.

synonyms: sweet

definition 6: cool, refreshing, and pure.

  • We enjoyed the fresh sea air.

synonyms: clean, pure

antonyms: sticky

definition 7: (informal) rude; sassy.

  • His father scolded the boy for being so fresh.

synonyms: forward, impudent

derivations: freshly (adv.), freshness (n.)