part of speech: noun

definition 1: structure or shape.

  • That piece of music has a classical form.
  • His plans had no form.

synonyms: contour, shape, structure

definition 2: the body or outward shape of an animal or person; figure.

  • It was hard to make out the bear’s form in the dark.

synonyms: body, figure

definition 3: a document with empty spaces for writing in information.

  • She filled out a form to apply for a driver’s license.

synonyms: blank

definition 4: type or kind.

  • This is a rare form of plant life.

synonyms: kind, sort, type, variety

definition 5: the state of being fit in body or mind for sports or other activities.

  • She was in good form on the tennis court today.

synonyms: condition, shape, trim


part of speech: verb

inflections: forms, forming, formed

definition 1: to make, build, or create.

  • He formed the clay into a pot.

synonyms: construct, fashion, forge, make, model, mold

definition 2: to be one, many, or all of the parts of; constitute.

  • Those three students form the executive committee of the club.

synonyms: compose, constitute, make up

definition 3: to come into being; develop; arise.

  • A group formed to fight crime in the neighborhood.

synonyms: arise, develop, originate

derivations: formable (adj.), formed (adj.)