part of speech: verb

inflections: follows, following, followed

definition 1: to come or go after or behind.

  • He followed me down the street.

definition 2: to move forward on or along.

  • Follow this road until you reach the city.

antonyms: stray

definition 3: to take place after.

  • A party will follow the wedding.

antonyms: precede

definition 4: to understand or comprehend.

  • Did you follow the story he told?

synonyms: comprehend, get, grasp, understand

definition 5: to pay attention to closely.

  • He follows the news.

definition 6: to happen as a result of something else.

  • If there are no stores in town, it follows that people will have to shop somewhere else.

phrase: follow up

Word Builder: follow +

follower: a person who follows.