part of speech: verb

inflections: flies, flying, flew, flown

definition 1: to move through the air by means of wings.

  • The birds flew over the house.

synonyms: wing

definition 2: to operate (an airplane or other aircraft).

  • The pilot is flying the plane over the clouds.

synonyms: pilot

definition 3: to travel in or pilot an aircraft.

  • They will fly to Tokyo next week.

definition 4: to pass by or move quickly.

  • She flew from the room when she heard her mother calling.

synonyms: bolt, dart, dash, hurry, run, rush, scurry, shoot, speed, tear, whip

antonyms: drag

definition 5: to wave or float in the air.

  • The flag flew from the top of the pole.

synonyms: flutter, wave

definition 6: to hit a baseball or softball in the air. (This is the only meaning of “fly” for which “flied” is the correct past tense.)

  • He flied to center field.

definition 7: to cause to wave or float in the air.

  • They were flying a kite.

phrase: fly off the handle


part of speech: noun

inflections: flies

definition 1: a strip of material along the edge of a piece of clothing that hides buttons or a zipper. Flies are usually found on the front of pants.

definition 2: a batted baseball or softball that rises high in the air; fly ball.


part of speech: noun

inflections: flies

definition: an insect with two wings. Most flies are active in the daytime, and many have large eyes. Mosquitoes and houseflies are among the thousands of types of flies.