part of speech: verb

inflections: fixes, fixing, fixed

definition 1: to make stable or steady; fasten firmly; attach.

  • He fixed the wooden sign to his tree house.

synonyms: attach, fasten, steady

definition 2: to decide on or set; bring into a final state that cannot be changed.

  • We fixed a date for the party.

synonyms: determine

antonyms: alter

definition 3: to hold steady or direct.

  • The teacher asked us to fix our attention on the map.

synonyms: direct, fasten, hold, rivet

definition 4: to mend or repair.

  • Do you think you can fix my bike chain?

synonyms: correct, mend, repair

definition 5: to make or prepare.

  • The cook fixed a delicious meal.

synonyms: make, prepare

definition 6: (informal) to set up through cheating so as to get what one wants.

  • He fixed the card game by using marked cards.


part of speech: noun

definition: a difficult situation; trouble.

  • I’m in a fix because I lost my lunch money.

synonyms: bind, dilemma, predicament, spot