part of speech: adjective

inflections: fitter, fittest

definition 1: proper or acceptable; right.

  • This video is fit for children.

synonyms: appropriate, proper, suitable

definition 2: in good bodily condition; healthy.

  • Cora is very fit because she exercises daily.

synonyms: healthy, robust

antonyms: soft


part of speech: verb

inflections: fits, fitting, fit, fitted

definition 1: to be the right shape and size for.

  • Does the shirt fit him?

definition 2: to be proper for.

  • I like the song, but it doesn’t fit the occasion.

synonyms: become, suit

definition 3: to change or prepare until appropriate.

  • The suit is a bit big, but the tailor will fit it for you.

synonyms: adapt, adjust



part of speech: noun

definition: the way in which something fits.

  • These shoes are a perfect fit.

derivations: fitly (adv.), fitness (n.)

Word Builder: fit +

fitted: having a close fit.