part of speech: adjective

definition: before all others in time, importance, or quality.

  • He was the first person to climb that mountain.
  • She won first prize.

synonyms: cardinal, earliest, foremost, initial, main, original, paramount, premier, primary, prime, principal


part of speech: adverb

definition 1: in the position before all others.

  • He finished first in the race.

synonyms: foremost

antonyms: finally, last

definition 2: to begin with; firstly.

  • We should read the directions first.

synonyms: initially

phrase: first off

part of speech: noun

definition 1: the number, person, or thing that comes before all others in a series.

  • He was the first of many great jazz musicians.

synonyms: top

antonyms: last

definition 2: beginning.

  • We were in trouble from the first.

synonyms: beginning, commencement, outset, start