part of speech: noun

definition 1: the heat, light, and flames produced by burning.

synonyms: flames

definition 2: a particular burning, as in a stove or furnace or other contained area.

  • Mrs. Brown lit a fire in the fireplace.

definition 3: an instance of burning that harms or destroys.

  • There was a fire at the library last night.

synonyms: blaze

definition 4: excitement or passion; strong emotion.

  • You could see the fire in his eyes when he talked about sailing.

synonyms: heat, passion

definition 5: the shooting of a weapon or weapons.

  • The fire of guns marked the start of the parade.

synonyms: discharge, shot

phrase: catch fire

phrase: play with fire

phrase: set fire to


part of speech: verb

inflections: fires, firing, fired

definition 1: to shoot.

  • Don’t fire that rifle!

synonyms: discharge, shoot

definition 2: to use extreme heat on; bake in a kiln.

  • He fired the clay pots to make them hard.

synonyms: bake

definition 3: to let go or dismiss from a job.

  • The boss fired him for being late to work.

synonyms: discharge, dismiss, sack

antonyms: hire

definition 4: to shoot a gun.

  • He fired at the target.

phrase: fire up