part of speech: adjective

inflections: finer, finest

definition 1: very good; excellent.

  • That was a fine meal.

synonyms: choice, excellent, exceptional, quality, splendid, superior, swell

antonyms: inferior, poor

definition 2: made up of extremely small particles.

  • These plants need very fine soil.

antonyms: coarse

definition 3: very thin.

  • The baby has such fine hair.

synonyms: thin

definition 4: in good health or condition.

  • I had a headache earlier, but I’m fine now.

synonyms: all right, OK, well

antonyms: bad


part of speech: adverb

inflections: finer, finest

definition: very well.

  • I was doing fine juggling those eggs until the phone rang!

synonyms: all right, satisfactorily

derivation: fineness (n.)