part of speech: verb

inflections: finds, finding, found

definition 1: to come upon or meet by accident.

  • I found some money in my pocket.

synonyms: bump into, come across, encounter, happen upon, run across

antonyms: miss

definition 2: to come upon after losing or searching for.

  • Alex found a lost watch under the sink.

synonyms: locate, recover

antonyms: lose, mislay, misplace

definition 3: to discover.

  • The explorers found a pass through the mountains.

synonyms: discover

definition 4: to consider or regard.

  • She found the poem hard to understand.

synonyms: consider

definition 5: to come to a decision in a court of law.

  • The man was found guilty by the jury.

synonyms: rule

phrase: find out

part of speech: noun

definition: something pleasant, valuable, or rare that is discovered.

  • That colorful shell from the beach is quite a find!