part of speech: verb

inflections: fills, filling, filled

definition 1: to cause to become full; put as much as possible into.

  • He filled the bag with leaves.

antonyms: empty, hollow

definition 2: to take up all or most of the space in.

  • Rabbits filled the cage.

synonyms: crowd

definition 3: to work or perform in.

He fills the role of teacher very well.

definition 4: to close up or plug.

  • The dentist filled a cavity in the boy’s tooth.

synonyms: plug

definition 5: to prepare or make up.

  • The pharmacist filled my prescription for cough medicine.

definition 6: to become full.

  • The room filled with guests from all over the world.

antonyms: empty

phrase: fill in

phrase: fill out


part of speech: noun

definition: an amount that is enough to make full or satisfy.

  • He ate his fill of peanuts.

derivation: filled (adj.)