part of speech: verb

inflections: feels, feeling, felt

definition 1: to find out about or perceive by the sense of touch.

  • Can you feel this bump on my head?

definition 2: to give a particular sensation through the skin.

  • That warm water feels good on my feet.
  • The cat’s fur feels so soft.

definition 3: to sense or be aware of.

  • She felt a headache starting.

synonyms: perceive, sense

definition 4: to have or be moved by a strong emotion of.

  • We felt great sadness at the loss of life from the earthquake.

synonyms: experience

definition 5: to experience a sense of one’s physical or mental condition.

  • I don’t think I can go to the party because I’ve been feeling sick this morning.
  • She felt very happy and relieved that she did well on the test.

definition 6: to have a belief or opinion.

  • They feel it would be dangerous for so many of us to go in one car.

synonyms: think

phrase: feel up to

part of speech: noun

definition: the quality of something to the touch.

  • I like the feel of this cool, hard stone.

synonyms: texture

phrase: feel like