part of speech: verb

inflections: feeds, feeding, fed

definition 1: to provide food for or give food to.

  • The mission feeds homeless people.
  • Did you feed the dog this morning?

synonyms: nourish

definition 2: to build up; support; add to the strength of.

  • Caring for a horse at the stable feeds his dream of having his own.

synonyms: nourish, reinforce, strengthen

definition 3: to put something into; supply.

  • Lisa fed the fire with sticks she found.
  • The river feeds the lake.

synonyms: insert

definition 4: to eat food.

  • Deer feed on grass.

synonyms: dine, eat


part of speech: noun

definition: food for birds and animals, such as seeds, grain, or hay.

  • Tim bought feed for his hamster at the pet store.

synonyms: fodder, food, forage, pasture