part of speech: noun

definition 1: a strong feeling one gets when one expects danger or pain.

  • Her fear of fire is based on a bad experience.

synonyms: apprehension, dread, fright, terror

antonyms: fearlessness

definition 2: something that causes such an emotion.

  • His greatest fear is of losing his parents.

synonyms: fright, terror


part of speech: verb

inflections: fears, fearing, feared

definition 1: to be frightened of.

  • I fear high places.

synonyms: dread

definition 2: to be worried or in doubt about.

  • Kyle feared that he was being lied to.

Word History

Fear comes from fere, an Old English word. Its earliest meaning, in the 700s, was “danger or peril.” It was not used for the feeling of fear until the 1300s.

Word Builder: fear +

having or showing fear.
having or showing no fear.