part of speech: verb

inflections: falls, falling, fell, fallen

definition 1: to drop downward from a higher place; descend.

  • At the end of the play, the curtain fell.
  • He fell from the top of the tree.

synonyms: descend, drop, plunge

antonyms: ascend, rise

definition 2: to become less; go down in amount, volume, or degree.

  • The price of gasoline fell last month.
  • The students’ voices fell to a whisper when the teacher walked in.

synonyms: abate, decrease, diminish, drop, ebb, lessen

antonyms: rise

definition 3: to hang down.

  • His hair fell in curls over his forehead.

synonyms: hang

definition 4: to be taken over by force; be defeated or overthrown.

  • After three days of battle, our city fell to the attackers.

definition 5: to happen; occur.

  • Night fell and the children got ready for bed.

synonyms: happen, occur, take place

definition 6: to become; pass into a particular condition or position.

  • She fell ill.
  • He fell behind in his work.

synonyms: become

phrase: fall back on

phrase: fall under


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act or condition of falling to a lower place.

  • The climber had a bad fall.
  • We watched the fall of the leaves.

synonyms: descent, drop, tumble

antonyms: ascent, rise

definition 2: (usually plural) a sudden drop in a river or stream that causes water to fall; waterfall.

  • The Niagara Falls drop about one hundred and sixty feet.

synonyms: cascade, waterfall

definition 3: a defeat or capture by force.

  • The fall of King Rufus led to civil war.

synonyms: capture, defeat

definition 4: autumn.

  • Fall is the harvest season in this part of the country.

synonyms: autumn

phrase: fall behind

derivation: falling (n.)