part of speech: verb

inflections: fails, failing, failed

definition 1: to not do or not succeed in doing; be unable.

  • Rick failed at the task.

antonyms: prosper, succeed, triumph

definition 2: to lose force or stamina.

  • The runner’s strength began to fail after the fifteenth mile.

synonyms: decline

definition 3: to stop working.

  • The engine failed, so we walked home.

synonyms: break down, die

definition 4: to not meet the hopes of; disappoint.

  • You fail your friends when you lie to them.

synonyms: disappoint

antonyms: achieve

definition 5: to forget to do or avoid doing something important or required.

  • You can hurt yourself if you fail to follow the safety instructions.

definition 6: to receive a grade below passing in.

  • Sue failed her driving test.

antonyms: pass

definition 7: to give a grade below passing.

  • No teacher likes to fail a student.