part of speech: noun

definition 1: the front part of the head from the forehead to the chin and from ear to ear.

definition 2: a look or expression on the face that shows feelings.

  • Why do you have such a sad face?

synonyms: aspect, expression

definition 3: the way something looks; outward look or appearance.

  • On the face of it, the team seems likely to lose.

synonyms: surface

definition 4: one’s honor or self-respect.

  • He saved face by saying he was sorry.

synonyms: dignity, honor

definition 5: a front part or surface.

  • We climbed the face of the cliff.
  • A cube has six faces.

synonyms: front

antonyms: back

phrase: face to face

phrase: in the face of


part of speech: verb

inflections: faces, facing, faced

definition 1: to look or turn toward.

  • Please face me when you speak.

definition 2: to stand before or deal with in a brave way.

  • Ed climbed that mountain to face his fear of heights.

synonyms: confront

antonyms: avoid, dodge, evade

definition 3: to turn or be placed so that the front is to a particular direction (usually followed by “on” or “toward”).

  • That house faces toward the road.

synonyms: look

phrase: face up to