part of speech: verb

inflections: expresses, expressing, expressed

definition 1: to make known (ideas, thoughts, or feelings).

  • The president’s speech expressed the idea that good schools are needed to make the country stronger.
  • Her big smile expressed her happiness and gratitude.

synonyms: communicate, convey, state

definition 2: to show or tell the thoughts or feelings of (oneself).

  • He has good ideas and strong feelings, but he finds it hard to express himself in words.


part of speech: adjective

definition 1: stated in full; clear.

  • I went to the town court for the express purpose of proving my innocence.

synonyms: explicit

definition 2: of transportation, making few or no stops before reaching an intended place; rapid.

  • We can still get there on time if we take the express train.
  • We sent the important letter by express mail.

synonyms: direct, nonstop

antonyms: local


part of speech: noun

definition: any fast means of transporting people, goods, or messages.

  • We took the express into the city and got there in only an hour.

antonyms: local

derivations: expressible (expressable) (adj.), expresser (n.)