part of speech: verb

inflections: expects, expecting, expected

definition 1: to hope for or look forward to.

  • They expected a letter from their son to arrive soon.

synonyms: anticipate, await, hope for

antonyms: doubt

definition 2: to know in advance or believe certain or likely to happen.

  • They expected the enemy’s attack, and they were ready to defend themselves.

synonyms: anticipate, foresee

definition 3: to require (someone) to do something, or believe that someone will do something that is wanted.

  • The father expected his son to continue the family business.
  • Good behavior is expected of students at this school.

definition 4: to consider fitting or proper in a particular situation.

  • We expect an apology from you right now.
  • We expected a clean room at the hotel.
  • You’re expected to take off your hat when you enter.

definition 5: (informal) to guess or suppose.

  • I expect you’re tired after your run.

synonyms: guess, presume, reckon, suppose