part of speech: verb

pronunciation: ihks kyuz

inflections: excuses, excusing, excused

definition 1: to forgive or pardon.

  • Please excuse me for stepping on your foot.

synonyms: forgive, overlook

definition 2: to be the reason or cause for; serve as an explanation for.

  • The fact that my sister is just a baby excuses her pulling the dog’s tail.

definition 3: to let go from duty or obligation.The government excused him from the army.

synonyms: exempt, let off, release


part of speech: noun

pronunciation: ihks kyus

definition 1: a reason offered to explain, or ask for pardon for, a fault.

  • My excuse for being late is that I missed the bus.

synonyms: alibi, defense, explanation

definition 2: a reason or explanation used to escape blame.

  • She is always making up excuses for not doing her homework.

derivations: excusable (adj.), excusably (adv.), excuser (n.)