part of speech: adjective

definition 1: smooth, level, or flat.

  • The children liked to play ball at the park because the ground was nice and even.

synonyms: flat, level, plane, smooth

antonyms: uneven

definition 2: at the same level or height; parallel.

  • The snow is even with the tops of my boots.

synonyms: flush, parallel

antonyms: uneven

definition 3: steady; calm.

  • Ms. Smyth has an even temper and does not get angry easily.

synonyms: calm, cool, placid, serene, steady, tranquil

antonyms: moody

definition 4: no more or less in amount or measure; equal in amount.

  • My brother and I have even amounts of milk in our glasses.

synonyms: equal, same

antonyms: unequal, uneven

definition 5: the same amount all over.

  • The painter put an even coat of paint on the walls.

synonyms: consistent, uniform

antonyms: uneven

definition 6: able to be divided exactly by two.

  • Six is an even number, but five is not.

antonyms: odd, uneven

phrase: get even