part of speech: noun

definition 1: the things and conditions that are all around one.

  • The many stuffed animals and family pictures on the walls make her room a comforting environment.
  • My sister says the pizza shop is a friendly environment to work in.

synonyms: setting, surroundings

definition 2: everything that surrounds a particular type of living thing and affects its growth and health.

  • Many tropical birds thrive in the environment of a rain forest.

synonyms: habitat, surroundings

definition 3: all the things together that surround animals and humans in the natural world, including the air, the water, and the soil (preceded by “the”).

  • Air pollution from cars is one of the causes of harm to the environment.

derivations: environmental (adj.), environmentally (adv.)

Word Builder: environment +

environmental: having to do with the environment.
environmentally: in a way that affects the environment.