part of speech: verb

inflections: enters, entering, entered

definition 1: to come or go in.

  • We entered through the big doors on the side of the building.

synonyms: come in, go in

antonyms: exit

definition 2: to begin; start (usually followed by “upon”).

  • They entered upon a new adventure.

synonyms: begin, embark, start

antonyms: leave

definition 3: to come or go into.

  • I entered the house.antonyms: leave

definition 4: to pass through; pierce; penetrate.

  • The nail entered the wood as he hit it with a hammer.

synonyms: penetrate, pierce

definition 5: to be admitted to; enroll.

  • He was young when he entered college.

synonyms: sign up

definition 6: to take part in or compete in.

  • We entered the race.

synonyms: compete in

definition 7: to write on a list; type into a computer.

  • I entered my name on the sheet of paper.

synonyms: record, register, tally

antonyms: delete