part of speech: adjective

inflections: emptier, emptiest

definition 1: holding or containing nothing; without the usual contents.

  • Please recycle the empty bottles.

synonyms: bare, vacant, void

antonyms: full

definition 2: not occupied or used by people; vacant.

  • The house will be empty while we are on vacation.

synonyms: vacant

antonyms: occupied

definition 3: without purpose, activity, or meaning.

  • His life seemed empty after he retired.

synonyms: aimless, insignificant, worthless

antonyms: meaningful


part of speech: verb

inflections: empties, emptying, emptied

definition 1: to remove what is inside of; make empty.

  • Did you empty the garbage can?

synonyms: discharge, unload

antonyms: fill

definition 2: to transfer.

  • Empty the chopped nuts into the bowl.

synonyms: convey, move, transfer

definition 3: to become empty.

  • The classroom emptied as soon as the bell rang.

antonyms: fill

definition 4: to flow or pour (often followed by “out”, “into”, or “onto”).

  • The river empties into the lake.

derivations: emptily (adv.), emptiness (n.)

Word History

Empty is from aemetig, an Old English word that means “rest” or “leisure.” When truly at rest, you are emptied of worry or concern.