part of speech: adjective

inflections: easier, easiest

definition 1: not hard or difficult.

  • The lazy girl wanted an easy job.
  • She helped her younger brother find an easy book.

synonyms: simple, soft

antonyms: ambitious, awkward, demanding, difficult, frustrating, hard, knotty, severe, stiff, tough, tricky, uphill

definition 2: without trouble or worry.

  • He leads an easy life.

synonyms: carefree, comfortable, quiet, restful

antonyms: difficult, hard, uncomfortable

definition 3: not harsh or strict.

  • Many students like the easy teachers best.

synonyms: gentle, lenient, soft

antonyms: demanding, difficult, hard, rugged, severe, tough

definition 4: not in a hurry; not rushed.

  • The horse trotted at an easy pace.

Word Builder: easy

easily: with no difficulty; in an easy way.