part of speech: adjective

inflections: drier, dryer, driest, dryest

definition 1: not wet, damp, or moist.

  • The clothes are dry after hanging in the sun.

antonyms: damp, greasy, juicy, moist, watery, wet

definition 2: having little or no rain.

  • This year we had a dry summer.

synonyms: rainless

antonyms: wet

definition 3: not having the normal or desired amount of moisture.

  • If you bake the cake too long, it will be dry.

definition 4: not in or under water or other liquid.

  • Most snakes live on dry land.

antonyms: wet

definition 5: thirsty.

  • We were very dry after the long walk.

synonyms: thirsty

antonyms: quenched

definition 6: not interesting; boring.

  • Our history book was very dry.

synonyms: boring, dull, monotonous


part of speech: verb

inflections: dries, drying, dried

definition 1: to make or cause to be dry.

  • Be sure to dry your hair before you go outdoors.

antonyms: dampen, moisten, wet

definition 2: to become dry.

  • We dried off in the sun after swimming.
  • This fabric dries quickly.

Word Builder: dry +

dryer: an appliance for drying clothes or hair.