part of speech: verb

inflections: drives, driving, drove, driven

definition 1: to cause to move by force; push.

  • She drove a spike into the ground with a hammer.
  • The golfer drove the ball three hundred yards.

synonyms: push

definition 2: to operate (a car, truck, or other vehicle).

  • Some people like to drive cars that can go fast, but some people don’t care.

synonyms: operate

definition 3: to take or carry in a vehicle.

  • I will drive her to the theater.

synonyms: take

definition 4: to cause to be in a certain condition.

  • He drives me crazy with his silly jokes.

definition 5: to operate a car, truck, or other vehicle.

  • My sister is very excited about learning how to drive.
  • People drive too fast down our street.

definition 6: to travel in a car, truck or other private motor vehicle.

  • We drove to the beach.

synonyms: ride