part of speech: noun

definition 1: a piece of clothing usually worn by girls or women. A dress has a top or blouse connected to a skirt.

definition 2: clothing in general.

  • The performers wore the traditional dress of their country.

synonyms: apparel, clothing


part of speech: verb

inflections: dresses, dressing, dressed

definition 1: to put clothing on.

  • She dressed the baby in his new outfit.

synonyms: array, clothe

antonyms: strip, undress

definition 2: to decorate.

  • We dressed the windows with lace curtains.

synonyms: adorn, decorate

definition 3: to clean or put a bandage on; treat.

  • He dressed the cut on his horse’s leg.

definition 4: to prepare for cooking.

  • He dressed the turkey before roasting it.

definition 5: to put clothes on oneself.

  • She dressed nicely for dinner.

antonyms: undress

phrase: dress up

derivation: dressed (adj.)

Word Builder: dress +

dress code: rules that tell you what you may or may not wear in a place.
dressed: wearing clothes.
dressmaker: a person who makes dresses and other women’s clothes.
dress shop: a shop that sells dresses and other women’s clothing.
dressy: formal; fancy.