part of speech: verb

inflections: divides, dividing, divided

definition 1: to separate into parts.

  • Divide this piece of paper into thirds.
  • The argument divided the class.

synonyms: partition, portion, section, separate, split

antonyms: join, unify, unite

definition 2: to share in equal parts.

  • Let’s divide the pie among all of us.

synonyms: split

definition 3: to separate a number into equal sets of another number by using division.

  • Can you divide six by two?

antonyms: multiply

definition 4: to become separated into two or more parts.

  • The road divided into two narrower roads.
  • See a movie for this meaning

synonyms: branch, fork, split


part of speech: noun

definition: a ridge of land that separates two areas.

  • Rivers on the west of the continental divide flow into the Pacific Ocean.

synonyms: ridge