part of speech: adjective

inflections: dirtier, dirtiest

definition 1: not clean; soiled.

  • The windows were so dirty you could hardly see out of them.

synonyms: dingy, soiled

antonyms: clean, immaculate

definition 2: not honest; unfair.

  • We stopped playing cards with him because he was a dirty player.

synonyms: corrupt

antonyms: clean, honest

definition 3: not pleasant to do.

  • Give someone else the dirty work.

synonyms: disagreeable, distasteful, unpleasant

antonyms: pleasant

definition 4: nasty; mean.

  • She gave me a dirty look.


part of speech: verb

inflections: dirties, dirtying, dirtied

definition 1: to make dirty; soil.

  • Put an apron on so you don’t dirty your shirt.

synonyms: soil

antonyms: clean

definition 2: to become dirty or stained.

  • White clothes dirty easily.

synonyms: soil

derivations: dirtily (adv.), dirtiness (n.)