part of speech: adjective

inflections: dearer, dearest

definition 1: much loved.

  • My dear friend Janet is coming to visit.

synonyms: cherished, loved, precious, treasured

definition 2: (capitalized) used as a greeting that begins a letter.

  • “Dear Carlos,” the letter began.

definition 3: costing a lot of or too much money.

  • A ring with a real diamond will be dear.

synonyms: costly, expensive, high, steep

antonyms: cheap


part of speech: noun

definition: a person who is liked or loved by the person speaking.

  • What would you like, dear?

synonyms: darling, honey


part of speech: interjection

definition: used to express surprise, disappointment, or dismay.

  • Oh, dear! I’ve lost my key.

synonyms: heavens

derivations: dearly (adv.), dearness (n.)