part of speech: verb

inflections: deals, dealing, dealt

definition 1: to take specific action about something, especially a problem (usually followed by “with” or “in”).

  • The landlord says he is dealing with the broken elevator, and it should be fixed soon.
  • My mom was able to deal with the problem herself and didn’t need to call a repair person.

synonyms: cope with, handle, manage, treat

definition 2: to act or behave toward other people, especially in difficult situations (usually followed by “with”).

  • She is honest in the way she deals with people.

synonyms: act, behave, function

definition 3: to do business; trade.

  • My uncle deals in antiques.

synonyms: traffic

definition 4: to give out cards in a card game.

  • I’ll shuffle, and you can deal.


part of speech: noun

definition 1: an agreement or bargain.

  • We made a deal to share the money equally.

synonyms: agreement, bargain, pact, transaction

definition 2: amount (usually used with “good” or “great”).

  • She tended her plants with a great deal of care.

synonyms: lot


part of speech: transitive verb

definition: to give out (cards) to players in a card game.

  • For this game, you deal seven cards to each player.

synonyms: distribute, give out, hand out

Word Builder: deal +

dealer1: a person whose business is buying and selling.
dealer2: a person who deals the cards in a card game.