part of speech: verb

inflections: cuts, cutting, cut

definition 1: to pierce, slice, or open with a sharp tool such as a knife, ax, saw, or scissors.

  • The barber cut my hair.

definition 2: to divide with something sharp.

  • Cut the cake so that we can all have some.

synonyms: section, slice

definition 3: to make shorter or less; diminish.

  • He cut his speech to ten minutes.
  • The store cut its prices during the sale.

synonyms: shorten

definition 4: to grow through the gum.

  • The baby is cutting a new tooth.

definition 5: to be absent from on purpose.

  • He cut all his classes today.

synonyms: skip

definition 6: to allow cutting or being cut.

  • A dull knife doesn’t cut well.
  • This tender meat cuts easily.

definition 7: to make a quick shift from one thing to another.

  • The film cut to another scene.

definition 8: to go across or through something (usually followed by “through” or “across”).

  • Matt cut across his neighbor’s yard on his way home.
  • The path cuts through the woods.

synonyms: cross


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the act or result of cutting.

  • I got a cut on my hand while chopping vegetables.

synonyms: cutting

definition 2: the way in which something is cut.

  • The cut of your clothes is very elegant.

definition 3: a decrease.

  • The toy store is advertising a cut in prices.

synonyms: decrease, reduction, slash

definition 4: something left out or taken away.

  • The editor made several cuts in the article.