part of speech: verb

inflections: cries, crying, cried

definition 1: to make a loud shout or yell (sometimes followed by “out”).

  • Cry out if you need help.

synonyms: holler, shout, yell

antonyms: whisper

definition 2: to shed tears as the result of pain or strong feelings; weep.

  • The baby cried when he lost his toy.

synonyms: weep

antonyms: laugh

definition 3: to make a sound or call characteristic of an animal.

  • The hawk cried as it dove from the sky.

synonyms: howl

phrase: cry over spilled milk


part of speech: noun

inflections: cries

definition 1: a loud shout or yell.

  • I let out a cry when I hurt my toe.

synonyms: call, holler, shout, yell

antonyms: whisper

definition 2: a short period of weeping.

  • You’ll feel better after you have a good cry.

definition 3: the call of an animal.

  • The cry of the wolf is a lonely sound.

synonyms: call

phrase: a far cry