part of speech: noun

definition 1: progress from one point to another; movement.

  • Will you go to Mexico in the course of your travels?

synonyms: passage, progress, road, way

definition 2: the direction or route along which something moves.

  • The course of the river takes many twists and turns.

synonyms: passage, path, way

definition 3: passage through time.

  • Brian has done many good things in the course of his life.

definition 4: a series of lessons in a subject.

  • I took a course in painting.

synonyms: class, subject

definition 5: an area of land or water set aside for sport.

  • Let’s go to the golf course.

synonyms: racetrack, track

definition 6: a part of a meal.

  • The second course was soup.

phrase: of course


part of speech: verb

inflections: courses, coursing, coursed

definition: to move or run swiftly; race.

  • The lion coursed swiftly after the zebra.

synonyms: hasten, hurry, race, run, rush, speed