part of speech: verb

inflections: corrects, correcting, corrected

definition 1: to fix the mistakes in; change to make right.

  • The student corrected the answers on her test after the teacher graded it.

definition 2: to show the mistakes of; scold; punish.

  • My mother corrected him for his bad manners.

synonyms: admonish, take to task

definition 3: to make agree with a standard.

  • She will need glasses to correct her eyesight.

synonyms: adjust, fix, remedy


part of speech: adjective

definition 1: with no mistakes; accurate.

  • The teacher smiled when the student gave the correct answer.

synonyms: accurate, right

antonyms: false, mistaken, wrong

definition 2: agreeing with a rule or accepted way of doing things; proper.

  • We were careful to use correct manners at the ball.

synonyms: proper

antonyms: improper

derivations: correctly (adv.), correctness (n.)

Word History

Correct comes from a Latin word that means “to make straight.”

Word Builder: correct +

correctly: in the correct way.