part of speech: noun

inflections: copies

definition 1: something that looks exactly like another.

  • That picture is a copy of the original painting.

synonyms: duplicate, imitation, reproduction

antonyms: original

definition 2: one of a number of books, magazines, photographs, or scores of music that were printed at the same time.

  • I have a copy of that book.

synonyms: print, reproduction

antonyms: original


part of speech: verb

inflections: copies, copying, copied

definition 1: to make a copy of.

  • I copied the spelling list in my best handwriting.

synonyms: duplicate, reproduce

definition 2: to do something in the same way as another; imitate.

  • Lisa copied her friend’s style of dress.

synonyms: imitate, mimic

antonyms: originate

definition 3: to be copied.

  • Photographs do not copy well on that machine.