part of speech: adjective

inflections: cooler, coolest

definition 1: somewhat cold; not warm.

  • It was a cool spring day.

synonyms: chill, chilly

antonyms: warm

definition 2: giving relief from heat.

  • You should wear cool clothing because it will be hot outside today.

antonyms: sticky, warm

definition 3: calm and controlled.

  • He stays cool in an emergency.

synonyms: calm, controlled

antonyms: ardent, nervous

definition 4: not having warmth or enthusiasm; unfriendly.

  • I could not understand why they were so cool toward me.

synonyms: chill, chilly, unfriendly

antonyms: enthusiastic, friendly, warm

definition 5: (informal) great, especially in a way that is new, exciting, or clever.

  • This game is really cool.

synonyms: great, nice, terrific


part of speech: noun

definition: something that is cool or somewhat cold.

  • We shivered in the cool of early morning.

synonyms: chilliness

antonyms: warmth


part of speech: verb

inflections: cools, cooling, cooled

definition 1: to become cool or less warm.

  • Dinner cooled as we waited.

synonyms: chill

definition 2: to become less; decrease.

  • His passion for his work cooled over the years.

synonyms: abate, lessen, moderate, subside

antonyms: intensify

definition 3: to lower in temperature; make less warm.

  • The fan cooled the room.

synonyms: chill

antonyms: warm

phrase: cool off

derivations: coolly (adv.), coolness (n.)

Word Builder: cool +
coolant: a liquid that cools the engine of a car or other machine.
cooler: a container that keeps food cold.