part of speech: verb

inflections: controls, controlling, controlled

definition 1: to use power to manage or command.

  • The king and queen control their country.

synonyms: command, direct, dominate, lead, manage, regulate, rule

definition 2: to hold back or restrain.

  • My friend tries to control her quick temper.

synonyms: check, contain, curb, govern, guide, hold, limit, rein in, restrain, restrict, subdue

definition 3: to stop the spread or growth of.

  • It is hard to control insects in our garden.

synonyms: confine, contain, curb, limit, rein in, restrict, stop


part of speech: noun

definition 1: the power or authority to control someone or something.

  • Pirates have control over that island.
  • Our teacher keeps control over our class.

synonyms: authority, command, direction, management, power, regulation, rule

definition 2: the condition of being directed or controlled.

  • The car went out of control.

synonyms: restriction, slavery

definition 3: (often plural) something used to guide or operate a vehicle or other type of machine.

  • The pilot used the controls to land the airplane safely.

synonyms: dials, switches

derivations: controllable (adj.), controlled (adj.), controllably (adv.)