part of speech: verb

inflections: compares, comparing, compared

definition 1: to note or describe the similarities or differences of.

  • The teacher compared the climate in the U.S. with the climate in Mexico.

definition 2: to bring together for the purpose of discovering similarities and differences.

  • I compared the two brands of soup and decided this one tastes better.

definition 3: to speak of (one thing) as similar to another.

  • His mother often compares his bedroom to a pigsty.

definition 4: to be considered similar.

  • Even a great painting cannot compare with the beauty of the sunset.

derivation: comparer (n.)

compare to or compare with?

Compare to is used to show that something is like another thing. Compare with is used when you look at two things to find out whether they are the same or different.
She compared her boyfriend to a movie star.
She compared her old car with her new car.