part of speech: verb

inflections: collects, collecting, collected

definition 1: to gather together.

  • I collected the papers that had fallen on the floor.

synonyms: assemble, gather, pile up

antonyms: disperse, distribute, scatter

definition 2: to gather things as a hobby; make a collection of.

  • He has been collecting stamps since he was five years old.

synonyms: accumulate, save

definition 3: to get payment for.

  • The landlord collected the rent.

synonyms: call for, fetch, take

definition 4: to make oneself calm, especially after being upset or disturbed.

  • After the accident, she collected herself quickly.

synonyms: calm


part of speech: adjective & adverb

definition: paid by the person who receives the message.

  • I made a collect phone call to my sister in Alaska.
  • I called her collect.

synonyms: pay