part of speech: noun

definition 1: a closed carriage that is pulled by horses. A coach has four wheels, and an outside seat for the driver.

  • Before there were cars, many people rode in coaches.

synonyms: carriage

definition 2: a bus used for traveling from one city to another.

synonyms: bus

definition 3: a section of seats on an airplane or train. Tickets for this section are less expensive than first class.

  • The food in coach is not as fancy as the food in first class.

definition 4: a person who trains and teaches athletes.

synonyms: trainer

definition 5: a person who trains or teaches a student in a special area, such as singing, acting, or a school subject.

synonyms: tutor


part of speech: verb

inflections: coaches, coaching, coached

definition: to train, teach, or prepare.

  • She is coaching the soccer team.
  • My lawyer coached me on what to say in court.

synonyms: train