part of speech: noun

definition 1: a white or gray mass of fine drops of water or ice high in the earth’s atmosphere.

definition 2: something like a cloud, such as dust or smoke.

  • His boots kicked up a cloud of dust as he walked into the store.

definition 3: something that threatens or makes dark and gloomy.

  • Everyone in the city lived under a cloud of fear.

synonyms: veil


part of speech: verb

inflections: clouds, clouding, clouded

definition 1: to cover with clouds.

  • Smoke from the burning building clouded the neighborhood.

synonyms: cover, darken

definition 2: to become cloudy (often followed by “up”).

  • The sky clouded up before the storm began.

synonyms: fog

derivations: cloudless (adj.), cloudlike (adj.)

Word History

Cloud is from clud, an Old English word that means “rock or hill,” and from clouden which means “to dim or darken.”

Word Builder: cloud +

cloudy: having many clouds.