part of speech: verb

pronunciation: klōz

inflections: closes, closing, closed

definition 1: to stop up; shut.

  • Close the door.

synonyms: shut, stop

antonyms: open

definition 2: to block; obstruct.

  • The police closed the street.

synonyms: block, choke, obstruct, seal, stop, stop up

antonyms: open

definition 3: to end; finish.

  • She closed the speech with a funny story.

synonyms: conclude, finish, wind up

antonyms: begin, open

definition 4: to draw together; join.

  • Close the curtains.

antonyms: open

definition 5: to become closed or shut.

  • The elevator doors closed.

antonyms: open

definition 6: to end.

  • The show will close tomorrow.

synonyms: end, stop, terminate, wind up

antonyms: open

definition 7: to stop working; become no longer available for business.

  • The restaurant will close in an hour.

synonyms: shut down

phrase: close in on